0800 RACK UP




The mission

  • New branch fit out
  • Fit warehouse, office and show room into the site.
  • More storage area
  • Flow

The solution

  • Installation on time and on budget
  • On going maintenance and support
  • Designed to comply with the licensing standards
  • Maximise the space design solution to reach efficiency and more storage space

Why Storepro

The relocated Bremick Auckland Warehouse, Office & Show room was designed at the outset to provide our Customers with superior and rapid service, reliability and support. A major part of this process was selecting an organisation that had the depth of experience, the product selection and a “Can do” attitude to meet Bremick’s needs. Partnering with Storepro with design, approval, implementation, as well as ongoing support and maintenance activities has provided Bremick with a superior, new and versatile racking system that has met our needs.

How have you found the experience with our team and products from start to finish?

The Storepro team has the depth of experience and product range that perfectly aligned with Bremick’s needs both with the installation process and the ongoing maintenance and support we demand. From personal experience, the Storepro team were always contactable, knowledgeable and courteous. Bremick is looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the Storepro team.