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Providing Longview with a state of the art semi-automated pallet racking system

Key Objectives

  • Maximise coolstore capacity and floor utilisation
  • Work within the existing footprint

The Solution

  • Design, installation and project management
  • 28 lanes of racking, 13 pallets deep and 3 tiers high
  • Total capacity of 1500 pallets with scope to increase by 390
  • Partnership with ScottPHS to provide a semi-automated shuttle cart

The Benefits

  • Significantly increased density and capacity of the same coolstore footprint
  • Increased safety in the earthquake prone zone
  • Reduced downtime in forklift movements, double handling and damage
  • The ability to store 3 full pallets high with no stillage requirements (improving pallet accessibility at any one time)

Why Storepro

  • NZ owned and operated
  • Provide bespoke and complete turnkey solutions
  • Synergy between the businesses

The Story

As a grower, packer and exporter of apples sourced entirely from Hawke's Bay - considered one of the finest apple growing regions in the world – Longview provides importers and distributors a seamless service from orchard to the port of destination.

Longview was looking to increase the storage capacity of their coolstore while using the same footprint. They wanted an automated system that offered the latest in technology. They wanted a system that was efficient and safe.

Providing bespoke pallet racking and storage solutions, Storepro teamed with ScottPHS, a leading provider of automated handling solutions for ‘end of line’ materials to deliver a state-of-art turnkey solution.

Designing, manufacturing and installing a racking system that makes use of a battery operated semi-automated pallet shuttle cart system, Storepro has significantly increased Longview NZ’s storage density and capacity within the same coolstore footprint.

“We did all the system design, installation and site project management,” says Marc Padman, Storepro Central Sales Manager. “We assisted with council compliance and the certification of racking with local authorities, understandably critical in earthquake zones like Hawke’s Bay.”

One block of racking, 24 lanes long, sits on the right hand side of the coolstore, with a further block of 14 lanes on the left hand side. Each lane is thirteen pallets deep and three tiers high with each level independently accessible by shuttle cart, providing a total capacity of 1500 pallets with scope to increase capacity by 390.