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Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

A staged approach to match
strong projected growth

Company Facts

  • Industry: Logistics and Freight
  • Location: Airport, Auckland

Key objectives

  • Maximise warehouse capacity
  • Ensure optimal efficiency
  • Prepare for future growth

The solution

  • Design, installation, project management
  • A unique staged approach to installation
  • Products supplied include pallet racking, 8-9m high frames throughout the building, box beams 2743/3000, rack end protectors and load signs for safety

The benefits

  • A solution that allowed for business expansion
  • A phased approach that helped with budgeting
  • Maximised storage capacity

Why Storepro

  • Unique approach to solving their business needs
  • Relationship with their Key Account Manager, Gino Casciaro
  • Superior service

The story

When a global logistics company shifted from their existing premises on the North Shore to a much larger location by the Airport, they required a complete racking solution that would meet their needs both now and in the future.

Originally too big for their existing requirements, they had strong projected growth in mind and knew that over the coming years, the warehouse would be used to capacity.

With this in mind, Storepro developed a unique staged approach.

Starting initially with only the racking required for their current business needs, over the duration of the following two years, Storepro systematically in-filled the warehouse with additional racking to meet the growth of the business.

“Due to exceptional planning and a strong relationship between the businesses, Storepro was able to in-fill the racking while the warehouse remained fully operational, and did so without causing any disruption to their day to day business,” says Gino Casciaro, Key Account Manager, Storepro Solutions Ltd.

“The staged approach has not only allowed our customer to create a fully future proof warehouse, but also helped with their budgeting, as payments only needed to be made as each stage was complete.”

Storepro’s commitment to delivering turnkey solutions that meet the individual needs of the client has resulted in a completely unique approach, and ensured a long lasting relationship between the companies.