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Fastening Supplier

Fastening Supplier

Company facts

  • Company: Leading fastening supplier
  • Industry: Specialised fastenings and fixings
  • Location: Auckland

The mission

  • Maximise warehouse capacity
  • Allow traceability of product
  • Ensure optimal efficiency and get product to the customer faster
  • Prepare for the future with a high tech warehousing operation

The solution

  • Design, installation and project management
  • VNA storage for both pallet stage and high level picking
  • Capacity for over 20,000 product lines/skews
  • Aisles consisting of 1600mm wide rack to rack shelving
  • 1 x man up turret truck and 2 x man up order pickers to pick product and load/unload pallets up to 9m high
  • The latest pick and pack technology

The benefits

  • Maximised capacity of the large space, utilising the building height
  • Optimal efficiency for picking and packing their wide range of SKUs
  • Future proof system

Why Storepro

“We went to market with a couple of different companies and the thing that set Storepro apart was their service. This was a major driver behind our decision, but we were also impressed with their proven ability to deliver on time and on budget.”

The story

When our client, a leading fastening supplier, moved their distribution centre to a new location, they were faced with the challenge of maximising a space that was three times larger than their original premises.

Stocking small volumes of a wide range of SKUs, it was crucial that Storepro designed and installed a solution that allowed them to access their products quickly and efficiently.

“We designed a solution that provides quick access to a wide range of products, without having to cut though a warehouse that hasn’t been set up correctly,” says Marc Padman, Sales Manager, Storepro Solutions Ltd.

“There were a lot of other things to consider in the design too - it needed to incorporate both bulk and pick shelving, maximise the building height, and handle the heavy weights of their product.”

Storepro’s solution was VNA (very narrow aisle) storage for both pallet stage and high level picking. The aisles consist of 1600mm wide rack to rack shelving, providing capacity for over 20,000 product lines.

A man up turret truck and man up order pickers allow them to pick product and load/unload pallets up to 9m high. They also have two high level vertical carousels that carry stock, a shuttle system, powered conveyors, and operators who work on wireless tablets to provide a very fast and accurate pick and pack process.

Working in with their technology and automation suppliers, Storepro has delivered a complete turnkey solution that will benefit the client well into the future.