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Eastpack Ltd

Eastpack Ltd

The mission

  • Our Client was struggling with storage space for the upcoming boom in kiwifruit demand for export
  • They had 13 new and existing rooms to fill with racking and maximise all at the same time as well as the coordination of refrigeration units to be replaced at the same time.
  • Eastpack had a preferred racking supplier and had no reason to change suppliers.
  • Roll out of 11,000 pallet positions before the up and coming season.

The solution

Design of a racking system was simple – drive in racking was the preferred option. Each room was different from each other and heights varied as well as refrigeration ducting, fans and motors to work around. Accurate site measurements had to be taken for each room and design layout had to work around these items with sufficient seismic and airflow clearances.

Maximum storage capacity was achieved and gave greater storage utilisation by going 3 pallets high as opposed to 2 pallets high as a maximum when floor/bulk stacking so the investment in the racking was easy to justify.

Storepro presented our offer and through a team approach added more value than their existing racking supplier - we were also competitively priced and Eastpack personally saw the scale and dedication of our company’s’ values when they visited out head office and warehouse in Auckland.

Installation time frames were met only through a large team of 16 specialised installation crew that put in long hours/weekend work to get the job done.