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Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond

The mission

  • Combine storage capacity of nine existing warehouses into one
  • Install racking during extensive building refurbishment

The solution

  • Tag-team approach of two Account Managers
  • Agility and responsiveness to changing circumstances

Why Storepro

  • Met all timeframes
  • Facilitated building consent
  • Availability of AMs
  • History between the companies

The story

After following up with Bed, Bath & Beyond as a cold call, we were very pleased to able to submit a tender for their brand new distribution centre in Wiri. “From the get-go we were streaks ahead of the competition – because of the attention, the two-man team, our ability to respond quickly and to meet regularly with the customer”, says Account Manager Cheryl Guile.

Together with Gino Casciaro, they began the process that would see them work closely with BB&B’s architect, Managing Director and Financial Controller to organise and plan the design and installation.

BB&B needed to combine their current 9 warehouses into 1 large one with a staging area for pallet storage and pick faces using an articulated forklift down the aisles as well as some double deep racking.

There were many changes throughout the install due to the size and difficulty of the job. The contractors also had to wrangle with a challenging installation that had to be done while the building was a live construction site. One side of the building had no wall and a sweeping machine was used throughout the install to keep dust from settling on racking and floor.

Phase 1 was completed on time and immortalised in video below: