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Longspan shelving

Longspan shelving

Here at Storepro we love longspan shelving. It can easily get shelved (see what we did there) by companies with large warehouses to fill due to it being more suited for smaller scale product. Despite this, longspan has many qualities for the everyday use, which we thought we’d tell you about (and even offer a discount!) 

1. Strong shelving, but lightweight

Longspan may be smaller in size, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as strong. Just as sturdy and safe as more common racking systems, longspan shelving can take heavy weight and store several levels worth of product, but the shelving itself isn’t a heavy structure!

2. Domestic size 

The great thing about being smaller in size is that this shelving can fit in smaller locations. Need some shelving for those hardware bits and bobs in your garage? Longspan! Extra filing or paperwork you don’t have room for? Longspan can store it.

3. Heavy loads without being bulky

Did you know longspan can load 350-450kg per level dependant on the beam? A bay can hold up to 4 tonnes! Pretty nifty if you need a lot of stock in a smaller space.

4. Easy to install (DIY style)

Another bonus to longspan; you don’t need us if you don’t want us! We have an amazing install team who will happily put shelving up for you in no time. However, if you fancy giving it a go yourself, this is the racking to do it with.

5. Adjustable levels 

Longspan allows for a quick and easy change of levels, especially as this system uses pins. The flexibility means you can change the height between shelves to suit your needs without having to fuss with nuts and bolts. Hoorah!

6. Use a variety of materials

We have customers in all kinds of industries, so we know one size doesn’t fit all. Longspan shelving can be adapted to what works for you and your business – steel, mesh or board are all options for the shelf itself.

7. Low Maintenance

Hopefully this is music to your ears. Longspan is low maintenance for two reasons. 1. Cleaning is quick and easy with this product, especially for steel shelving used at home or for retail and display. 2. This shelving doesn’t break or wear out easily, so you won’t have to worry about continuous repair and replace costs!

8. Product storage

This is an obvious one. From clothing to beer to car parts, they can all be stored on longspan shelving.

9. Cheap and cheerful

What more could you want with something as easy and durable as longspan? A great price. Longspan has a lower cost due to not having as heavy a load as larger racking systems, so that’s another box ticked!

10. What’s not to like?

Longspan is clearly a great alternative to large scale racking if you have a smaller space or don’t need to load a huge amount. With its flexibility and affordable price tag, we can’t see any reason why longspan shelving wouldn’t benefit you and your business!




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