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Work Benches

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  • Storepro Work Benches
    With heavy and light duty options available, Storepro workbenches are the perfect solution for almost any environment.
    Heavy duty workbench

    Ideal for heavy duty or commercial use, each shelf has a loading of over 750kgs UDL.

    The heavy duty workbench comes in long lasting, high gloss powder coated steel and 18mm thick MDF board (minimum).

    Standard sizes:
    • 900mm / 1000mm high.
    • 1350mm / 1800mm / 2400mm / 2743mm long
    • 600mm / 900mm deep
    • Custom sizes can be obtained on request


    Light duty workbench

    Ideal for the home, garage or small workshop, each shelf has a loading of 200kgs UDL.

    The light duty workbench comes in a long lasting, high quality powder coated steel and 12mm thick MDF board. The shelves are fully adjustable every 40mm.

    This unit comes as a kit set and does not need any nuts and bolts to put it together. It’s also free standing, making it easy to move around.

    Standard sizes:
    • 1.81m high unit
    • Top shelves are 1.22m wide X 310mm deep
    • Custom sizes are available on request




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