Storepro Heavy Duty Longspan
Storepro Heavy Duty Longspan
Storepro Heavy Duty Longspan
Storepro Heavy Duty Longspan

Storepro Heavy Duty Longspan

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  • Storepro Heavy Duty Long Span
    Storepro heavy duty longspan shelving provides multi-purpose storage with a clean, modern appearance.

    Catering to a diverse range of products, Storepro longspan is ideal for storing boxes, parts, as well as items that are irregular in shape or size. Its modern design makes it perfect for use across a wide range of environments, from warehouses through to retail spaces.

    Most commonly fitted with 18mm MDF as the shelf, Storepro also offer an alternative option of wire mesh decking for reasons such as fire regulations, ventilation requirements, or food standards.

    Longspan shelving beams are designed with a rebated/stepped edge so the board will sit inside the beam, flush with the top to ensure the board is securely in place and will not move or slip off.

    For optimum strength of the shelf level, Storepro can supply additional shelf supports that fit beneath the board from beam to beam. This will stop the board from sagging and bending under heavy loads.

    • Can be customised to cater for diverse products
    • Space-saving and cost-effective
    • Low-level or high-rise stock picker-style shelving
    • Can be incorporated into your existing selective pallet racking
    • Manufactured from high-tensile steel

  • Load Capacity per shelf:
    • 18mm MDF Board - 650kgs UDL
    • Mesh Decking - 650kgs UDL