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Shuttle Racking Shuttle Racking Shuttle Racking Shuttle Racking
Shuttle racking provides efficient organisation of your warehouse, optimising space, storage, and the loading and retrieval of product.

Shuttle racking is controlled by a remote-type system that moves goods in and out of a deep storage tunnel, similar to a drive-in set up. A shuttle cart runs up and down the aisle laneways taking pallets backwards and forwards, replacing the need for forklifts to stack every pallet in its own location.

Providing high density storage, shuttle racking helps utilise your warehouse to full capacity by allowing pallets to be stacked far deeper than any other standard pallet racking system. It also minimises damage to the racking system and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Shuttle racking is ideal for storing large numbers of pallets per SKU with limited stock rotation, and for environments such as coolstores and refrigerated warehouses. It works for both First In First Out (FIFO) and Last In First Out (LIFO) product arrangements.


  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Provides most efficient use of available space
  • Aisles may be devoted to single products and product styles
  • Faster access and better-quality workflow
  • Reduce damage to product & racking
  • Reduce labour and material handling costs



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  • WineWorks, wine bottling and warehousing services for New Zealand wineries 

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