Shuttle Racking
Shuttle Racking
Shuttle Racking
Shuttle Racking

Shuttle Racking

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    Shuttle racking is a great choice for high density storage if you have restricted staffing numbers.

    The Shuttle is controlled with a remote type system by handling the goods in and out of a deep storage tunnel, very similar to the drive-in setup. This leaves your operators and staff free to perform other tasks.

    The Shuttle system is well suited for storing large numbers of pallets per SKU with a limited Stock Rotation - Last In First Out (LIFO) or First In First Out (FIFO). This system provides increased productivity with minimal damage to racking and product. It enables you to achieve high density storage and maintain convenience.

    The Shuttle gives you individual access to each aisle and pallets can be stacked far deeper with the shuttle than any other standard racking system, enabling you to maximise your warehouse space to its full potential.


    • Ideal for bulk storage
    • Provides most efficient use of available space
    • Aisles may be devoted to single products & product styles
    • Faster access and better-quality workflow
    • Reduce damage to product & racking
    • Reduce labour and material handling costs

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