Selective Pallet Racking
Selective Pallet Racking
Selective Pallet Racking
Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking

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  • Storepro Selective Pallet Racking
    Selective pallet racking is the most flexible, cost effective and common storage system for pallets.

    Selective pallet racking stores pallets one-deep and has a maximum of two racks that are placed back to back. A first in first out system, it provides direct access to every pallet in storage, allowing you to select any pallet at any time without needing to shuffle stock around.

    A highly flexible and common storage system, it can work for a wide range of product types, including perishable and short shelf life products that need to be turned over efficiently.

    Storepro’s selective pallet racking is designed to handle virtually any pallet size or weight. We have large stock holdings of standard pallet racking components so you can quickly expand or adjust your racking in height, length and depth at any point.

    Storepro also has a complete installation service, using our own qualified and experienced team who are ready to have you up and running quickly.
    • Modular. Easy to add-on and adjust
    • Available from 1.8 metres to 12 metres tall in one piece posts without joins or splices
    • Standard components allow for future expansion or adjustment
    • Bolt together frames for easy replacement of components/posts/braces
    • Pre-galvanised or powder coated frames for greater resistance to corrosive elements
    • Easily accessed by a standard forklift
    Floor Utilisation

    Approximately 40% storage area and 60% operating area.


    Three Styles of Racking Available, Compatible with others in NZ
    • Storepro Safetylock 76.2mm (Compatible with HPI, Capital, CD)
    • Storepro Teardrop 75mm (Compatible with Victor & Capital Victor)
    • Storepro EZlock 50mm

    This racking meets all international and NZ standards including NZS 1170, AS4084, FEM 10.2.02. Technically superior when compared to other systems available, it comes with a double rolled edge post section, and beams with double-wall thickness through rolled construction and design. 



    900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, 4200mm, 4800mm, 10,000mm

    450mm, 600mm, 838mm, 900mm, 1200mm

    Clear Span Length (mm)Beam Depth (mm)Loading Capacity (UDL)
    1350 Boxed1003000kgs
    1800 Boxed1002500kgs
    2400 Boxed1002200kgs
    2743 Boxed85-1102000kgs
    2743 Boxed1303000kgs
    3000 Boxed1302000kgs
    3600 Boxed1402000kgs
    1350 Rebated801800kgs
    1800 Rebated801200kgs
    2400 Rebated80850kgs
    2743 Rebated80750kgs