Picking Ladders
Picking Ladders
Picking Ladders
Picking Ladders

Picking Ladders

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  • Storepro Picking Ladders & trolleys
    The mobile picking ladder is designed and factory-made to provide fast and safe access to racking systems, shelving and various storage areas.

    The Storepro mobile picking ladder is ideal for smaller warehouses or shops, enabling you to reach to the top level of shelves safely and easily.

    Castors are 100mm TPR tyred - 2 fixed and 2 swivel for easy steering.  Locking mechanisms allow this ladder to spin on the spot, making it great for tight aisles.

    • PL 1070mm H (4 Step Ladder)
    • PL 1280mm H (5 Step Ladder)
    • PL 1830mm H (7 Step Ladder)
    • PL 2000mm H (7 Step Ladder)
    • PL 2400mm H (9 Step Ladder)
    • PL 2600mm H (10 Step Ladder)

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