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Parts Trays & Pick Bins

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Parts Trays & Pick Bins Parts Trays & Pick Bins Parts Trays & Pick Bins Parts Trays & Pick Bins
Storepro Partys Trays & Pick Bins

Storepro’s part trays and pick bins are great for high storage density of small parts. They have a large, flat front face for fitting adhesive labels and you can add dividers to create a wide range of compartment sizes. 
The dividers are locked into a divider slot with a locking tab.

Parts Trays

  • High storage density for small parts
  • Range of sizes available (see specifications tab)
  • Large flat front face for fitting adhesive labels
Pick Bins
  • Large flat label area for multiple adhesive labels, typically for identification, bar code or location marketing
  • No catch points for dirt or dust - all horizontal and vertical surfaces can be simply and easily wiped clean
  • Small items easily drawn from the bin with smooth front radius from base

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AP33 Pick Bin 300x217x140mm Blue
AP35 Pick Bin 300x434x140mm Blue
AP42 Pick Bin 400x146x200mm Blue

STOREPRO Hanging Pick Bins

TSL1910 Hanging Pick Bin 190x105x75mm Blue
TSL2214 Hanging Pick Bin 220x140x125mm
TSL2714 Hanging Pick Bin 270x140x125mm

STOREPRO Stackable Pick Bins

TSL1811 Pick Bin 180x110x80mm Blue

STOREPRO Parts Trays

RK4109 Parts Tray 400x117x90mm Blue
DV_D109 Divider Short to suit RK4109 Blue