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Gravity Flow & Carton Live

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Gravity Flow & Carton Live Gravity Flow & Carton Live Gravity Flow & Carton Live Gravity Flow & Carton Live
Storepro Gravity Flow & Carton Live
Providing the ultimate in pick flow systems, gravity flow provides high density storage, automatic stock rotation, and optimal rack utilisation.

Specially constructed lanes of gravity inclined tracks are stacked side by side and on top of each other within a pallet rack framework. Stock is fed in from one end and unloaded at the other.

Systems are custom designed to suit the height and weight of stock, from smaller cartons through to full size pallets.

Ideal for First In, First Out (FIFO) stock rotation. Automatic rotation is provided. Rack utilisation is often at 90%.

  • Very dense storage achieved especially when few SKU's and high number of pallets
  • FIFO guaranteed, ideal for products with shelf life or absolute rotation
  • Secure and safe handling as the pallet truck does not enter the rack
  • Wide range of pallets or cartons can be accommodated at the design stage

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