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Storepro Frame Protectors
The Storepro Steel Frame Protector prevents costly rack damage by providing a safeguard from forklifts coming into contact with the open side of your racking uprights.

It is a side protector to each row entry and can be utilised for single rows as well as back to back aisles.

This heavy duty steel guard is bolted to the floor for optimum support and therefore takes the impact independently without touching the upright.

The Storepro Steel Frame Protector can also be used to partition off areas, guard your valuable machinery and used for designated walkway protection and separation.

  • Strong and sturdy steel 
  • Powder coated safety yellow/orange for high visibility, promoting safer operating areas
  • Hot dipped galv is also available
  • Easily bolted to the floor
  • Freestanding independently of racking

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