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Double Deep Racking

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Double Deep Racking Double Deep Racking Double Deep Racking Double Deep Racking
Storepro double deep racking
Double deep racking systems can help maximise your capacity by storing pallets two to four deep.

Unlike selective pallet racking where a single row of pallet racking is placed back-to-back with another, double deep racking stores pallets two to four deep. This provides higher storage density and allows you to maximise your warehouse space. 

Most suited to storing large quantities of similar products, and products with long life spans, double deep racking works on a Last In First Out (LIFO) product arrangement. It allows access to 50% of goods when stored two deep. 

Double deep racking requires the use of a reach truck.

  • Can result in up to 50% more storage space
  • Increase storage density
  • Reduces the possibility of damage to racks from lifting equipment
  • Relatively low cost bulk storage


Floor Utilisation

Storage area is 55% and working area 45%.

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