Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

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  • Storepro Cantilever Racking
    Cantilever racking is ideal for large or long items such as pipes, long run steel, or timber where clear access is required.


    Arms can be easily positioned and adjusted to suit your product, allowing maximum use of space. Comes with a standard rolled edge, or choose to have a pin in the end of each arm.

    Specially designed and built to suit.

    Powder coated for interior applications and available in a hot dipped galvanised for exterior use.

    Choose from light or heavy duty depending on your specific requirements.


    • Arms are fully adjustable allowing maximum use of space.
    • Cantilever racking system maximises steel storage and accessibility
    • Cantilever racking systems are versatile for high-density storage for steel stock
    • Available in single-sided and double sided configurations
    • A wide range of sizes and capacities.
    • Storage caters for long or irregular shapes.
    • Heavy-duty steel will support extremely heavy loads
    • Minimises damage to products

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