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Office Max relocation

We recently completed a huge job for OfficeMax! We relocated racking from a previous site to their new warehouse in 3 stages. This included a lot of frame building and re-bracing, but all was completed within the clients tight loading time frames and the pressures of COVID . A successful project we can credit to great collaboration between our team and our client, and the adaptability of our installers. Have a look at the results below!




We're Hiring!

We are currently looking for a full time installer to join our amazing install team! We have posted the ad on Seek (link below), however feel free to contact us on 09 275 5533 or email people@storepro.co.nz with your CV or experience. 





Snells Packaging install

Out with the old and in with the new! Our install team are currently at Snells Packaging in Penrose to pull down their existing racking and install new product in its place. This is a 5 Stage install making this a complex job, however we have just completed Stage 2 and we are prepping for Stage 3. Progress is looking great thanks to our determined team. Keep an eye out for photos once all stages are finished!

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PHR and Cantilever project

Storepro recently completed a huge job for one of the largest DIY warehouse stores in New Zealand. This included the installation of Pigeon Hole and Cantilever racking over 4 weeks in the back-of-house area for one of their brand new stores. We had 2 teams take on the jobs of PHR and Cantilever to make sure the racking would be installed and ready to load for the clients deadline.

A great example of Storepro's end-to-end project management and the team's dedication to ensure we leave all clients happy, even more so post-Covid! Check out the photos of the PHR below.

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Leasing, Renting and Financing - How we can help realize your project

Here at Storepro, I thought it appropriate to share with you a few ideas we have been working on. Covid-19 or no Covid-19, with any business cash is king. But this is arguably truer now than ever before. This time has allowed me to think of what Storepro can do to help you as our customer and come up with a few ideas that we can offer you NOW. 

1. Lease to own

A financial lease (lease to own) option can be between 12- and 60-month terms at rates lower than ever before. This frees up short term cash but means you retain ownership of the asset and can then depreciate the racking as you need. Remember that Storepro racking won’t depreciate like a car: your racking will have a high value over its life, so you are paying off an asset.

2. Rent

With an operating lease (rental), this is simply where you rent your racking from us for a period between 12- and 60-months. This may line up with a contract your business has; or a lease term on a building; or even the lifetime of a product. At the end of the term you have flexibility: we can pick it up; you can extend the term; or we can discuss another option to suit you.

3. Talk to us

I established Storepro in 2004 after 7 years in this industry and I’d like to think I know what I’m doing! We are a solid business and have weathered a few storms, so let’s talk about your options with us. If you don’t need completion of your project ASAP but want to maintain the deal, design, and structure we have proposed, then we can offer staggered invoicing with agreed installation dates. This guarantees your job is done right and on time but retains the volume savings.

4. Use the asset write off

If you’re not into finance then make sure to utilise the $5000 allowance that the Government have offered businesses to immediately write off low-value assets.To encourage spending, the threshold has been temporarily increased. You can find more information about this here.

Happy customers are our goal, and I am proud to say we have over 95% satisfied customers. So if you want to work with us and genuinely need help, let me know. Even if we can’t help with finance or racking, hopefully we can learn something from each other.

Call me or call my sales team now on 0800 RACK UP . Together we can raise the level of your business.


Aaron Young

Managing Director

4 for $4999 - 100% Tax Deductable Specials on NOW


Place an order with us for one of these specials that qualify for a full tax deduction!

Take advantage of the NZ Government's COVID-19 legislation to temporarily increase the low-value asset threshold for depreciation for items under $5000 purchased this financial year.

Whether you need to protect your existing racking, add extra racking or want a deal on secondhand racking, check out our incredible specials. Get in touch with us soon, these are only available while stocks last.




*Delivery and install price covers Auckland metro area only.

If you have any queries, questions or need clarification, give our customer service team a call on 0800 RACK UP or send us through an email to sales@storepro.co.nz and we'll be happy to help.


Storepro business operations during COVID-19

This is a post to let you know that like many businesses in New Zealand, at 11.59PM Wednesday, 25 March 2020 we will move to Level 4 in response to the Covid-19 virus and at that stage all Storepro sites will close for manufacturing and delivery of goods.

What you need to know from us is that:

• Our office and warehouse will be shut for the duration of the Level 4 alert
• Urgent racking repairs can be requested by the government-defined "essential businesses" when these repairs are deemed to be a health and safety risk
• We consider ourselves a supplier and contractor to essential businesses only at this time
• Most of our staff will be continuing to work remotely and the key contact list is below

Our staff and community's health is our number one priority and we look forward to getting back to business as soon as we can. Please contact us through your usual channels or talk to one of the people on the list below if we can help you with anything.

Stay safe from the team at Storepro.


Urgent Racking Repair | Jason Young | jason.young@storepro.co.nz | 021 747 940
General Manager | Arie Bakker | arie@storepro.co.nz | 027 294 5336
Sales Manager | Gerard Boesley | gerard@storepro.co.nz | 027 747 4472
Accountant | Guth Wanawasa | accountant@storepro.co.nz | 027 747 7711
Managing Director | Aaron Young | aaron@storepro.co.nz | 021 747 470


Storepro Midwinter Awards 2019

It’s been a busy year at Storepro and everyone was looking forward to letting their hair down at our annual Midwinter Awards Night. We love getting together and celebrating the year, and the awards are a great way to recognise each other for the effort we’ve put in.

We couldn’t go past the stunning view from the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s Quarterdeck Restaurant again so we packed it out with awesome people, a DJ and a lot of laughing for a wicked good time.

Our winners this year are:

Solid-as-Steel Award for taking ownership


The Storebro Award for brilliant service to their internal customers


Team Player of the Year for building a supportive culture


Installer of the Year for consistent and excellent execution


The Ron Payne Award for Excellence


The Houdini Award for his disappearing acts


Outstanding Customer Service Award for outstanding external customer service



Making the most of your space – a guide to pallet racking utilisation

Part two

Best racking for your business

The best type of racking for your business will depend on a few different criteria, so here’s a basic overview of the main ones.

Inventory turnover

Inventory turnover takes into account the frequency of your incoming and outgoing goods, the time the stock sits on your shelves and the rate and quantity at which it moves. For instance, a high-volume, high-turnover and seasonal industry such as supermarket stockrooms or fashion apparel hubs will benefit from a large capacity, easy access system such as VNA or drive in. A low-turnover, high-volume and non-seasonal industry such as car/truck parts or wholesale supplies will suit a double deep or selective pallet racking system. A high-volume, low-turnover seasonal operation will fit well with automated shuttle racking.

Stock movement information such as FIFO (first in, first out) and FILO (first in, last out) will dictate the racking type as well – non-perishable stock usually works on FILO where as stock with use-by dates or FMCGs will work on FIFO.

  Volume Turnover FIFO FILO
Selective pallet racking  Medium High Y Y
Drive in racking High Low N Y
Double deep racking  Medium-High High N Y
Push back racking High Medium-High N Y
Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking  Medium-High Medium-High Y Y
Automated shuttle racking High Low Y Y

Inventory volume

The physical size and number of your stock will dictate the type of racking required as much as your physical space and budget will. This also varies based on the uniformity of size and weight of your product. Large or oddly-shaped items will fit best into selective pallet racking while standard boxed or wrapped items can be slotted into VNA or drive-in pallet racking with more ease. A business with many small items likewise will find the best utilisation in VNA or drive in while a business with fewer and larger items will be suited to double deep or selective racking.

MHE equipment

Whether you already have your equipment or you will purchase to suit, each piece of machinery will be ideal for a type of racking system. The good news is that standard forklifts and reach trucks will work with most types of racking: selective, drive in, push back, automated shuttle or double deep. Some systems may need additional forklift parts such as telescopic arms. For our more specialised systems such as VNA, you’ll need an order picker or a ‘man up picker’ which sends the operator up with the forks (hence the name).

Different racking also has different aisle space, so it’s important to make sure any racking has enough maneuverability.

  Aisle width MHE
Selective pallet racking  3 – 3.5m Forklift / reach truck
Drive in racking 3 – 4m Forklift / reach truck
Double deep racking  1.6 – 1.8m Telescopic forklift
Push back racking 3 – 3.5m Forklift / reach truck
Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking  1.6 – 1.8m Order picker
Automated shuttle racking 3 – 3.5m Forklift / reach truck

Ambient temperature

For warehouses that are temperature controlled to a level that is unsuitable for human comfort, an automated shuttle racking system is a must-have. This reduces the time that staff spend in the unsuitable temperature and will operate well within -30°C to +55°C.All other pallet racking systems will function well in both low and high temperature warehouses but may need additional coating depending on humidity and moisture levels. For any storage outside the ordinary, a specialised supplier will recommend the best system and finish for you.

Floor and pallet utilisation

Each pallet racking system will offer differing levels of floor space usage. The physical size and volume of stock will dictate the best system, but for those businesses that can use several options or who are limited by their building space, floor utilisation is a useful metric.

Likewise, the number of pallets you need to store is a principle consideration – the footprint of each system may affect the design but many systems can go as high as your space will allow such as selective, VNA, and shuttle and will offer better use of a high stud warehouse.

  Floor used for storage Pallets per 1000sqm
Selective pallet racking  40% 1000
Drive in racking 68% 2000
Double deep racking  55% 1300-1500
Push back racking 65-70% 1500-2000
Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking  45-50% 1500-1800
Automated shuttle racking 75-80% 2000

As you can see, there’s a lot more to pallet racking design than some posts and beams. Each of these factors will play a part in deciding what the best way to store your product will be. Ultimately, the best way to make sure you get the most value for money is to engage a specialist at the beginning of your planning. Even before a new build, a designer can help navigate the building codes, consents and componentry around your business requirements. Good racking is an investment in protection of your assets and should be customised to your needs every time.

If you’re after just such a designer and just such a company, we happen to be experts in storage solutions. We cover all of NZ and we’ve seen it all before so give us a call or an email and let us know your problem – we guarantee to make the most of your storage space.



Making the most of your space – a guide to pallet racking utilisation


While many might think that pallet racking is simply a matter of erecting as many frames as possible into your space, the reality is that the type of racking you choose and how it is designed has vital implications for your business productivity. Installing the wrong racking with a bad design can be a potentially costly mistake.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, there are many different and customisable systems for storing your products. In New Zealand, the most common types of racking are:

Selective pallet racking

Drive in racking

Double deep racking

Push back racking

Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking

Automated shuttle racking

Depending on factors such as your inventory movement system, your available space and budget – what works best will be different for each business. Generally, you will never have 100% utilisation as even systems such as selective pallet racking which are one pallet deep and available individually will need room for stock movement, incoming and outgoing goods.

Racking types – the lowdown

Selective pallet racking

The most common type of racking for a reason: cost effective, works for a wide range of product types, can be retrofitted or adjusted with minimal fuss and extremely customisable. Selective pallet racking is primarily made up of reinforced frames with beams and suitable for all applications.

Drive in racking

Rows of pallet storage lanes are arranged with operating aisles between them to allow transport and access to each lane. Lanes can be built from 2-10 deep - ideal for bulk storage.

Double deep racking

Potentially adding 50% more storage space, double deep racking stores pallets 2-4 deep (rather than the standard 1) with standard pallet racking components

Push back racking

Working on gravity-fed rails, the push back racking system allows pallets to be stored between 2 and 6 deep on carriers. The loaded pallets are placed into the rack aisle by “pushing back” with a forklift.

Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking

VNA pallet racking is placed closer together than standard systems. Access to VNA racking is by special forklift trucks, which are guided in the aisles by either floor mounted rails or electronic wire guidance technology. It allows direct access to every pallet and is ideal for large volumes of multiple product lines.

Semi-automated shuttle racking

Shuttle racking is controlled by a remote-type system that moves goods in and out of a deep storage tunnel, similar to a drive-in set up. A shuttle cart runs up and down the aisle laneways taking pallets backwards and forwards, replacing the need for forklifts to stack every pallet in its own location.

Part two next week: we'll get into the details and compare which system will work best for your business.