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We're Hiring

We are looking for an experienced Operations and Installations Manager to join our Auckland based team. This vital role will manage and lead the smooth running of the warehouse, installationteam and projects and support staff ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. And that all work is completed to the highest standard, health and safety compliant, within a fun and positive environment.

It's no small job, but if you're up for the challenge, apply through one of the links below:

Seek - https://www.seek.co.nz/job/38383855?searchrequesttoken=dfc30305-f312-4c26-9a79-43c5108b5895&type=standout
Trademe -https://www.trademe.co.nz/jobs/manufacturing-operations/management/listing-1956879196.htm?rsqid=d1db9be9be204cf0869bd6be47ce1f31
Yudu - https://www.yudu.co.nz/manufacturing-operations-jobs/operations-and-installations-manager/2326125



Christmas Opening Hours

We're taking a little break.

But if you need anything, we'll be finishing up here on the 21st December 2018 and back with a skeleton crew on the 7th January 2019. Have a fantastic Christmas break with your family and friends and we'll see you in the new year.


Storepro at the MHL Expo 2018

We've just finished out a busy three days at the Materials Handling & Logistics Expo at the ASB Showgrounds. We were so pleased to meet so many new people - potential customers and old friends - so thanks for stopping by.

We were stoked with the attention our Mini Forklift Time Trial Championship saw at the stand. Conceived and planned by our fantastic designers, the forklifts were a huge hit, with the winner, Mike Kerr of Jaytech Industries, taking home a remote control forklift of his own. The competition was fierce, with the morning of the first day of the show already seeing contestants down to under a minute and some natural aptitude with remote controls often making a run look effortless. We were impressed with some of the first timers smashing records when our own staff had been playing with them for weeks and not coming close to their times.

A huge thank you to all the staff who helped out on the stand and stayed cheery even when their feet started to hurt. Thanks also to our wonderful supply chain - the warehouse, sales and ops support and the install team for pulling everything together and building such a great looking display. We'll be back in 2020 with something even better and looking forward to doing it all over again.


Our New Website Is Live

Welcome to our redesigned, reconfigured and remarkable new website! This is the culmination of a lot of work from our internal team and partners and we're pretty proud of it. Menus and product pages have been simplified for ease of browsing and we've expanded the Storepro Solutions tale in the Our Story section. You'll find it easier to navigate through our Services as well so please have a look around and let us know what you think in the comments or through the Contact page.

Storepro Awards Night 2018

"Another fantastic year with an amazing team"

We held our annual Storepro Team Awards and Midwinter function last Friday night in the beautiful rooms of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron on Auckland's waterfront.
Managing Director Aaron hosted the formalities, doling out anecdotes and laughs along with the peer-nominated awards that celebrated our values and spoofed our mistakes. A great evening was enjoyed by all. Congratulations to our award winners!


Nice Guy or Gal Award


Winner – Gerard Boesley


Runners Up – Rebecca Hewitt and Stan Sami

Get it Right Award


Winner – Stan Sami

Runners Up – Anna Half, Angela Walker and Keith Tucker

The Ron Payne Award for Excellence


Winner – Teanau Henry

Runners Up – Cheryl Guile and Marc Padman

Commitment Award


Winner – Angela Walker

Runners Up – Brock Sengers and Jason Young


Team Player of the Year Award


Winner – Gino Casciaro

Runners Up – Teanau Henry and Eden Boyd


Installer of the Year Award


Winners – Kim Carpenter and Jason Young

Runners Up – Jeremiah Crawford and Tyrone Reid

Wooden Spoon Award


Winner – Gary Fitzpatrick


Runners Up – Brock Sengers and Gino Casciaro


Houdini Award


Winner – Gino Casciaro

Runners Up – Gary Fitzpatrick and Ian Baker


Long Service Award

Krez Yates


Job Vacancy: Sales Superstar

Storepro is a kiwi company that has been around since 2004 and are at the top of our game. As New Zealand’s leading storage solutions company we provide racking and shelving from design to installation with passion and have a good time doing it. Based in Penrose, Auckland with branches and distributors throughout New Zealand we are looking for a sales superstar to join our team, be successful, grow your own area and future.

If you love getting out of bed in the morning and meeting people, and are not afraid of the phone then you could be the one! You will love targets (and getting paid for hitting them), be organised and relish sealing the deal.

We don’t expect industry knowledge, but you must be able to read a tape measure and get excited about going into a warehouse, as this is where the rubber meets the road! So, if you scrub up well, enjoy working hard and getting well paid for it, show us how good you are by emailing your dets through ASAP.

This role is salary based with an achievable uncapped monthly commission plan, together with a company vehicle and the usual tools of trade. Oh, and as there is some traveling you will need a full driving license and be legally entitled to work in New Zealand.

Email people@storepro.co.nz for more information or to apply - please include a covering letter telling us why you think you are great and a CV to prove it.

Storepro is New Zealand’s largest privately owned pallet racking supplier, offering an extensive range of commercial racking and warehouse shelving systems. www.storepro.co.nz

ERP Go-Live: June 1st

On Friday 1st June, Storepro will change over to a new ERP system, Netsuite, which will provide significant improvements to the way we operate across all our business departments.

We’ve done lots of testing and are confident that Netsuite will deliver better financial, supply chain and customer relationship management. All of which means a better experience for our customers.

While we’re taking every possible measure to ensure a smooth transition on go-live day, it’s possible that orders may take a little longer to process over the next few days.

Please bear with us during this time and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any concerns.

Storepro Fishing Charter

On Thursday 3rd May, we had a great day out on the water with some of our customers. The fishing was on point, and so was the weather and the company!

The Comprehensive Guide to Racking Compliance

Compliance is clearly on a lot of business’s minds. Our last blog, Compliance 101, generated a lot of interest, and sparked some interesting conversations.

Quick re-cap

Compliance is a complex process to understand. It takes into consideration a wide range of factors, including what you are storing, where you are located, who occupies the building next door, how many people work in your office and how you operate.

It’s the responsibility of the building landlord to obtain consent, or to provide the tenant with a letter of authorisation for the installation of the racking. You need to plan early too because it takes around 10 – 12 weeks for consent to be granted.

What’s involved?

You’ll need to complete an application for consent from your local council. They’ll expect you to provide them with all the supporting documents, including a certificate of title, site plan and signed letter of approval from the landlord. You’ll also need to provide comprehensive drawings which detail the racking layout, elevations, loadings and bracing requirements – don’t worry, Storepro will provide you with these.

Producer statements

In most cases, the council will rely on a series of producer statements to ensure your racking complies with NZ building codes.

“A producer statement is a professional opinion based on sound judgment and specialist expertise. It is not a product warranty or guarantee of compliance….

They are used as one source of information which the council may rely upon to determine whether there are reasonable grounds to conclude that the work complies with the Building Code.” 


The producer statements need to be completed at various stages through the project’s lifecycle and are signed off by a range of professionals. Here’s a brief outline of each producer statement:

PS 1

A PS1 covers the design stage of the project. Once Storepro has completed the design for your racking, one of our independent registered engineers will conduct a detailed evaluation to ensure it complies with NZ building codes. They’ll take into consideration a range of factors, like building conditions (including the concrete foundation to ensure it’s capable of holding the proposed loads), seismic and static load requirements, soil class, and site zoning.

The requirements for your racking are specified throughout a range of standards:

  • The Building Act 2004 & Building Amendment Act 2005
  • AS 4084- 2012
  • AS / NZS 1170:2002 Structural Design Actions. Part 5: Earthquake actions
  • BRANZ updated guide 2011 for High Level Storage Systems

PS 2

A PS2 takes place during the design stage too, but it’s apeer review of the PS1 by another registered engineer. You’ll only need a PS2 for some installations – your local council will advise you if you need it – but as a general guide, it’s required for anything over 4m high or that’s considered high risk.

PS 3

Following the installation of your racking, Storepro will complete a PS3. Its purpose is to ensure the racking has been installed as per the design and confirms the standards of the PS1 have been met.

PS 4

The final stage is a PS4, which is an onsite review of the installation by the same independent registered engineer who completed the PS1. They’ll check the racking installation and confirm the project has been completed in accordance with the PS1.

Other reports

You may also be required to support your application with:

  • A fire report to determine sprinkler requirements, flue spaces, egress paths, and access to water for the fire department
  • An emergency lighting report
  • A slab report to ensure it can handle the loads specified on the PS1
  • A building warrant of fitness

We also recommend that you purchase a property file which will include existing reports for your building.

Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC)

Within a maximum of 12 months of receiving your Building Consent, you’ll need to apply to the council to obtain your Code of Compliance Certificate. Make sure you provide all required documentation with your CCC application – including your producer statements and any additional documents the council has requested – to ensure it’s processed efficiently.

We make it easy

At Storepro, it’s our business to understand your business, AND all the ins and outs of compliance.

We’ve been designing, installing, auditing and repairing pallet racking since we started back in 2004. For many members of our team, their experience in the industry dates back well before this.

If you choose to work with Storepro, our in-house design and INDEPENDENT engineering teams make it easy for you to ensure standards are met, without compromising on your business goals.

Contact our team to get started

Compliance 101

It’s not the most exciting subject – in fact, for many New Zealand companies it can be a real headache. But it’s a necessity, and for good reason.

Why it’s so important

Following the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/ 2011, NZ realised the importance of ensuring their racking systems were designed to withstand seismic activity. As a result, legislation got tougher and we all had to up our game. Suddenly everyone became a racking expert…or did they????

There’s no doubt this can be cumbersome and costly for NZ businesses. The importance is undeniable though. We need to make sure our people get home safely, everyday.

What’s involved

The compliance of your racking system will depend on a huge range of factors, including what you are storing, where you are located, who occupies the building next door, how many people work in your office and how you operate.

It is a process that takes into account fire, emergency lighting, floor slabs, seismic requirements and producer statements. There is no one single code in NZ that covers racking either.

Confused? That’s ok, you’re not alone.

(P.S. Tune in for our next blog when we’ll share more info on the technical aspects of compliance)

Whose responsibility is it?

In short, it’s yours. As the owner or landlord of a building it’s your responsibility to ensure you obtain a building consent for the installation of your racking system.

If you decide to proceed with installation prior to obtaining consent, the liability sits with you.

But I am only a tenant??? You’re not off the hook. You’ll still need a letter of authorisation from the building owner approving the installation of a racking system in the building.

You’ll need to plan early too because the process takes approximately 10 – 12 weeks before consent is granted.

It’s a tricky thing

Ensuring your pallet racking meets all NZ standards can be tricky. There are a lot of things to consider and a number of codes that need to be followed, but there’s more to it than that.

It’s one thing to have a compliant racking system, but it also needs to meet your needs.

Whether you require increased capacity, better workflow, efficiency, or a combination of all, the ideal racking system will tick all your boxes. And the government’s too.

Then there’s the ongoing audits and maintenance which will ensure you retain the safety of your solution into the future.

Your business, our expertise

At Storepro, it’s our business to understand your business, AND all the ins and outs of compliance.

We’ve been designing, installing, auditing and repairing pallet racking since we started back in 2004. For many members of our team, their experience in the industry dates back well before this.

If you choose to work with Storepro, our in-house design and INDEPENDENT engineering teams make it easy for you to ensure standards are met, without compromising on your business goals.

(Don’t forget, we’ll share some of this expertise in our upcoming blog which will detail more of the technical aspects of compliance)

A case in point

We’ve worked with thousands of clients to deliver the most efficient, effective and compliant solutions.

Our design and installation at Chemfreight is a great example of a solution where we were able to maximise storage capacity, even with demanding safety restraints.

View the case study here.

Handy resources

Or just call us: 0800 RACK UP, or email: info@storepro.co.nz


See you back here next time for part 2...